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IMPORTANT DATES : > Furnish advance information for functions in Banquet Halls, hotels etc. where food &/or liquor items supplied & booking cost > Rs 1 lakh per function for 2nd fortnight of July : 12/07/2014      > Deposit of DVAT TDS for June : 15/07/2014      > TDS returns for June Quarter for non-govt deductors & TCS Returns for ALL Deductors : 15/07/2014      > E-Payment of PF for June ( Cheque to be cleared by 20th) : 15/07/2014      > Payment of ESI of June : 21/07/2014      > Payment of VAT & WCT TDS under MVAT for June : 21/07/2014      > Deposit of VAT & CST for the month/quarter ended June : 21/07/2014      > Submission of MVAT return for month/quarter ended June. (10 days extra for e-returns) : 21/07/2014      > Issue of DVAT Certificate for deduction made in June : 22/07/2014      > E- Return of VAT for quarter ended June : 25/07/2014      > Furnish advance information for functions in Banquet Halls,hotels etc. where food &/or liquor items supplied &booking cost > Rs 1 lakh per function for 1st fortnight of August : 27/07/2014      > Submission of return in Bank-1 form,All scheduled Banks having branches in Delhi & engaged in business of silver, gold, repossessed vehicles for quarter ending July 2014 : 28/07/2014      > Filing of Return verification form DVAT-56 for (all Dealers) quarter ended june 2014 : 28/07/2014      > Return of TDS for June quarter in DVAT-48 : 28/07/2014      > Issue of QuarterlyTDS/TCS certificate for June quarter : 30/07/2014      > Filing of I.T. Returns by Individuals , HUF (without Audit) : 31/07/2014      > Filing of IT return by Firms,AOPs, BOIs (without audit) : 31/07/2014      > Filing of IT Return by Trusts, Political party etc.(without audit) : 31/07/2014      > TDS returns for June Quarter for Govt. deductors : 31/07/2014      > Filing of wealth tax returns (without audit) : 31/07/2014      > Returns of Monthly Profession Tax (Liability equal to more than Rs. 50,000) : 31/07/2014      > Payment of monthly profession tax (Liability greater than equal to Rs. 50000) : 31/07/2014     
Company Profile
Anil Kumar Gupta completed his Graduation in B.Sc.(Pre Medical) From Delhi University, India in 1979. He qualified the Chartered Accountant certification in May 1983.

The firm Anil S Gupta & Associates was incorporated by him in 1983. Since then he has been carrying on the practice and has gained variety of experience in all areas of Joint Venture Contracts & Negotiations, Taxation for Multi-National Corporations, Taxation, Company law matters etc.

The Firm has grown from strength to strength under his vision and guidance creating a vibrant, robust and extremely innovative team.

The Firm has been instrumental in overseeing & guiding young enterauprenure create highly successfull Entrerprises. The firm has also been instrumental in successful conclusion of Major Joint Ventures on-site to create healthy and efficient businesses.
Mission Industry Segments
We have over the years gained vast knowledge and expertise in the following mentioned Industry segments.
  • Anil S Gupta & Associates have been in the most critical Advisory roles for their Clients with the utmost dedication and focus.
  • We hope to continue to provide the best of legal and financial guidance with the Knowledge and experience acquired since our Incorporation.
  • We should be par excellence in providing innovative solution for setting up Joint Ventures between Indian and International Organizations.
  • Real Estate & Construction Sector
  • Hospitality Organizations
  • Auto-ancilliary Companies
  • NGOs Funded by International Agencies
  • Exporters
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